Digital Loyalty Application

Say goodbye to carrying cards!

Bebuzzd is a new digital system that outsmarts the old fashioned loyalty programs. With a customized loyalty system, we can help you create a reward scheme that fits your business needs. Start rewarding your customers for a loyal relationship. Promote your products and services through the app and target your customers globally–with just a click away! Keep them right next to you and watch your revenues rise! All your business needs is under one powerful system! Everyone can be part of our community by downloading the Bebuzzd App from their iOS or Android devices for free.


Manage your business in real-time

At a glance, watch your business grow!

With the manager app, start tracking your business in depth. View streams, statistics, transactions, rewards, and points redeemed. This will allow the business to recognize their customer behavior. Gain their insights and receive private feedback right through the manager app. After all, they are your brand ambassadors? The manager app also allows you to monitor your staff performance while you are away. Manage your business anytime, anywhere! It’s time to start converting your customers to being loyal.


Marketing Automation

Eliminate repetitive tasks!

According to surveys, almost 53% of the customers do not come back after their first visit. Bebuzzd allows you to bring them back through a personalized deals or vouchers. Personalized offers have 10x higher redemption rates than conventional online coupons. Moreover, Bebuzzd referral feature increases customer visits and gains potential clients. Start rewarding your loyal customers and start seeing them more often. Together with Bebuzzd, we increase your brand exposure!



It never stops! There's always too much to gain!

The Manager App is a revolution in today’s world. We have evolved the concept of monitoring the business, increasing the revenues, and giving digital exposure. Comprehensive and secured customer details run your feed. Streams of daily transactions control the flow of customer visits and customer behavior analyses. Market your business through sending customized vouchers that serve both ends. Everything your business offers is promoted by our social media, blogs and websites. As a result, we generate thousands of potential customers coming your way!


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